About the Authors

Teri Mirikitani (left), Melissa Rixon (center), and Christi McGuire (right) are three friends who have had their fair share of temper tantrums in motherhood and hope other moms can laugh, cry, and commiserate with them through their short stories.

Teri Mirikitani is a certified life coach and blogger. She also trains horses for her husband’s professional polo career. Earning a BS in both Business and Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, she has spent her adult life helping people reach their personal and professional goals. Teri lives in Sarasota, Florida, with her husband, Jamie, and their two children. She strives to empower people with tools for success and passion to achieve their goals. You can find Teri’s messages of self-reflection and positivity on JustTeri.com.

Melissa Rixon is a novelist with degrees in both English and Communications Science and Disorders from the University of South Florida. She married her love of language and children by teaching secondary English and pursuing speech language therapy. Her lifelong passion is writing for women, and she does so from her home in Sarasota, Florida. She and her husband, Matt, have three children who drive them to continue learning, setting new goals, and finding inspiration in the everyday corners of life. Her next project is a stand-alone novel, due out in 2018.

Christi McGuire has worked in the publishing industry as a freelance editor, writer, and consultant for sixteen years. She has published more than one hundred magazine articles and dozens of children’s devotionals and curricula. Christi is co-founder and co-owner of the Christian Editor Network LLC and is the director of two of its divisions: Christian Editor Connection, an organization that connects authors with freelance editors, and The PEN Institute, an online, educational institute for Christian editors. She lives in Bradenton, Florida, with her husband, Matt, and their two daughters. Visit her website at www.ChristiMcGuire.com.